From Art Student to ArtplusWord (A True Story)




“Are you doing the wrong thing successfully?”

Imagine how many lives would have missed out on Artplusword‘s amazing gift if she decided not to use it. I’ve been following her work for quite some time, and it goes without saying – thank God for her life. Really.

I’m excited to announce that she will be stopping by here every last week of the month to share inspiration. Thanks for honouring the invitation, A and for telling your inspiring story that nicely kicks things off.




Hmm, it’s a long story…

I studied Fine Arts in school and majored in Painting at Yaba College of Technology.  While in Year 2, my pastor at church preached a particular sermon on using our gifts to amplify the gospel.  This inspired me and I knew I didn’t want to do anything that didn’t have any depth.

I would ask, “Lord, what do you want to use my art to do? I don’t just want to have beautiful paintings…”

Should I say fortunately… while I was doing my HND, the guys that topped my class back then were both muslims. So I would pray, “God, I need something that would give me an edge. I want something different. I want something that has a touch of your Spirit.”

One of those days, I wrote down Artword. That was about four years ago…

I just wrote it and forgot about it, until it came back to my heart about last year April.



How this particular Artword came to my heart was when I was trying to explain how Artword in general started.

You really don’t have a lot of girls studying fine art. At a point, I got into a competition with guys in class. I wanted to show them that I had the Holy Spirit and show that I could do what they were doing. I was trying to compete with them… and it just dawned on my heart that even if you succeed at what you were not called to do, you’ve failed.

You have to succeed at what you’ve been called to do. 

We run on our own lane.

We are called to do our own thing.

So really, there isn’t any competition. We have to do our own thing ourselves and win with what’s been deposited in you.

If you succeed in another person’s lane, you have failed woefully.


Thanks A!

Any thoughts/questions or comments guys? Feel free to drop below. You can also follow Artplusword’s official Instagram or Twitter page for more inspiration.

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  1. I love this in a way that I cannot even explain..

    Your lane.. my lane. MY LANE AS WRITTEN FOR ME BY GOD.

    We each have tailor made lanes, we must run on them and not go on another’s assignment…. because of envy, competition, etc that are all nothing in the grand scheme of this walk called God’s purpose for our lives.

    Looking forward to her writings on here. Thanks Ify

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