ArtPlusWord On The Secret to Staying Consistent




So here is the story behind this particular Artword…

A while ago, I went through a season of whining about not doing important things as often as I needed to. Case in point, reading my Bible.

It, amongst other things, was becoming a struggle for me and all I’d do was complain about the situation with little to no action to resolve the matter. That was right until this hit me:

 I brush my teeth every morning. Consistently!

I continued to subconsciously outline other things that had become routine to me – having a bath, eating breakfast, etc. I hadn’t deliberately wanted them to be routine tasks. No, they became routine because I saw the necessity in doing them.

Food for thought: Could you possibly be struggling to stay consistent at work, in maintaining your relationships or even in your communion with God because you’re yet to fully understand its importance?


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