Bridging The Gap, Launching a Book


I’ve had a lot to be thankful for in the last couple of weeks.

I can’t share some reasons quite yet, but one I can yell from the rooftops is the launch of this beautiful gift in print.



It was amazing to watch an idea come to life in a phenomenal way, how a simple thought to compile lessons spurred 20 ladies into action. What’s been a lifelong dream of mine became reality and trust God The Storyteller to make it come true like this  – with total strangers I’ve grown to love, become vulnerable with and easily call family.

It’s a really good book, I must say.  From lessons on finding the One to becoming the One, every woman who reads this is truly in for an amazing ride of self-discovery in God.  The ladies and I were open – a bit too open perhaps? – in some of the reflections on sex, mistakes made in the past amongst other things.

If you’d like your very own copy, you can send an email to Read, reflect and let us know what stood out to you the most.

I also love how the book was launched. It was at a mentorship event with the lovely Mrs Bola Salt Essien, Pastor Ugo Fidel and Pastor Ayotunde. These ladies had so much wisdom wrapped up in their slender but mighty frames, and I was nodding all the way through.

It was a case of Naomis passing on what they knew to their Ruths, the same ladies who had just passed on truths to others on paper. God’s kids are winning big time, and may this cycle of blessings keep going on and on for eternity. Amen!




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