From Me to You, A Love Note From NYC

That moment when something you have prayed and planned towards for months on end finally kicks off…

That was my moment, three weeks ago. I settled into my accommodation at the NYU Summer Publishing Institute.

Flashback to me whispering  under my breath on Days 1,2 and 3 “Is this really happening?” over and over again. Despite the jetlag, I was still crazy excited about all I was about to experience in NYC – the lessons to learn, people to meet and all that jazz.

Three weeks have passed. The initial excitement has died down – assignments and projects will do that to you real quick! – but I’m still amazed at the beautiful package God has prepared, just for me. I see how every phase in my career connects, the whys behind every turn I have made, no matter how crazy they seemed back then. Talk about Guidance on another level. And this verse comes to mind:

“The steps of the righteous are ordered by God. He delights in their way.”

– Psalms 37:23

God sees the bigger picture, and instead of us to just trust, we panic and ask questions. It’s sad yet hilarious. May God help us just rest and grow in the knowledge of who He is. Really and truly.

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If I told you I was a 100% sure what Is in store for me months from now, I would be lying. But right now, I would like to just rest in the awesomeness that God is, eat at this delicious table He has prepared for me and hopefully build your convictions of how faithful He is when you do read this.

There is a God. He keeps His promises even in moments of faithlessness, and He loves us so much.






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