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‘Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living waters…’





My name is Ifeoma “Ify” Halim. I’m a Christian blogger, writer and digital content strategy expert who is actively helping individuals become the best they can be with the power of the written word.

My journey to Self began in 2011 when I truly connected hearts with God for the first time. I was born into a Christian family and was admittedly a committed ‘churchgoer’ for decades. One incredible encounter later, and I’ve been on this beautiful roller coaster ride of knowing who I am in Him and seeing life the way He sees.

Along with it came the knowledge of this gift called writing and this burning desire to share His thoughts on topics that truly matter, changing mindsets in the process. It’s also been amazing how the longer I walk with Him, the more our union blossoms, helping me to emerge as The Indigo Fount.

You can join me on my beautiful journey of discovery and empowerment right here on my blog. I share reflections on love, faith and purpose as well as personal updates.

Don’t be a stranger. Say hello, leave a comment or send me an email anytime: ifyhalim@outlook.com




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  1. Hi Ify! The indigo fount is a lovely name for a blog. Your mind must be a creative hub with great ideas. Glad to know you’re a Christian writer 🙂 More positivity on the cyber space.
    P.S: I don’t think blog sounds too serious so it’s fine..wink*

  2. Nice blog and i love your niche.. Good to tell the world where you belong….

    Keep it up and i am bookmarking your blog. Maybe we could follow each other on social media?


  3. Wow! What an awesome discovery! Pls how can I share your link on my wattsapp groups & contacts ? Want to encourage,also bring my friends and family in here to part of this awesome work of yours!

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